Wrapped in the clouds

Mourning cloths and christianity

With approximately 2.4 billion followers worldwide, Christianity is the largest religion in the world. The religion is divided into a number of sub-groups, the largest of which are Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Each Christian group follows their own set of customs and rituals, including how they approach funerals and death.

To create an atmosphere and to get a feel for it, we went to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Need in Heiloo. There we talked to the pastor.

Getting in and service

As with most religious funerals, a Christian funeral service is tailored to the person who has died, the pastor said. The service is usually performed in a church, crematorium, or cemetery and includes prayers, a sermon, readings, hymns, and sometimes music or poems. A family member or close friend can give a eulogy as a tribute and bring back fond memories. Typically, Christian people are always buried, so they can be reborn at the Resurrection. If a loved one is cremated, the church will ask the family if the urn can still be buried instead of scattered. Organ donation is seen as a charity and is therefore accepted by many branches of Christianity.

Christianity revolves around a belief in heaven, hell and purgatory. Where a person’s soul will end up is determined by how he/she behaves throughout his/her life.

The mourning cloths and their meaning

At a Catholic funeral it is mainly about God, the connection that is made with the person who has died. To be able to say goodbye as gently as possible, where everyone can be involved, a cloth can be ideal. We have a beautiful mourning cloth made of light blue felt for the Catholic faith, which is cuddly and personal. The heavenly atmospheres are beautifully expressed here, combined with a radiant golden thread that symbolizes the sun. Why light blue? We have thought of “the devine light” to which someone who has died will be led. The meanings are actually endless, what does it mean to you?

After the service, the deceased will be buried in the ground, here friends and family can sprinkle a piece of earth over their loved one. The priest will say the last prayers and sprinkle holy water. A beautiful ritual.


Life after death is cherished, so we want to make it as gentle as possible.

Did you know

– All candles at the service are lit with the paschal candle? The candle symbolizes the light of Jesus Christ.

– Purple is the mourning color of Christianity? The priest will therefore wear purple at a funeral.

– Jesus Christ wrapped in a linen cloth? It is believed that the mourning cloth of Turin is the cloth in which Jesus is wrapped.

– Angels and even doves represent the holy spirit? Perhaps a very nice accessory for/in the canvas.

– Ever wondered what the trinity means? This stands for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.