About us

We have been making corporate clothing for over 20 years and have always had a passion for textiles. Rouwdoeken was founded in 2019 by José Glas as a result of an inspirational funerary fair where Rouwdoeken had its very first scoop.

Our team


We are located at De Droogmakerij 20E in Heiloo. Here we design and produce custom-made burial shrouds, coffin skirts, pillows and accessories.

We listen carefully to every request and would like to invite you to our workshop. So that you can view our range of funeral textiles and we can give you a demonstration of how to fold a mourning cloth. All without obligation.

José Glas

Designer and owner

With more than 20 years of experience in textiles and design, she is the perfect match between customer and product.
Her passion lies in translating the customer’s wish into a product.


Imara van der Wel

Graphic designer and fabric expert
With her knowledge of fabrics and an eye for the most beautiful designs, she is the ideal collaborator.
She is also responsible for making brochures and creating and maintaining new connections on social media. We will stay in touch!

Marianne Strijbos

She is our star in the studio and passionate about working with textiles.
Making a large part of our funeral textiles is her specialty.

Are you a funeral director or a ritual counselor?

Would you like to showcase Mourning cloths on your website or social media?

Then download the free promotional material now via the button below.

Do you have any questions about the use of this promotional material? Please send us an email to info@rouwdoeken.nl.

Funeral Friday workshop

Want to learn how to fold shrouds in a beautiful way? Then sign up for our workshop on “Funeral Friday”. We hold this workshop every fortnight in our showroom in Heiloo. For the dates and more information, click below.

Funeral friday workshop_HF

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