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The strips of fabric are attached to each other as the beginning of the braid. Attach this beginning to the handle of the chest or bar with a knot. Braid the strands of fabric a few times and secure with the clamping cord to get a good base for the braid. During the farewell week, everyone can write a message, wish or memory on one of the memory cards and thread it onto one of the strips. Each time a card is threaded onto a strip, one or more new plaits are made, after which the clamping cord holds the plait in place. In this way, during the farewell week, all the emotions, wishes, questions and memories are interwoven into one whole. When the last card has been threaded, the braid is complete. The clamping cord holds the braid together.

The memorial braid is removed from the bier or coffin and given to the deceased. The remainder of the braid can be cut into small pieces and kept by the next of kin in the bags provided.

Inhoud van het pakket:

3 stroken organza of bio-katoen van elk 3 meter

25 herinneringskaartjes ‘Wat ik je nog zeggen wil….’ met oog om te rijgen

Koord met stopper (klemkoord)

Beschrijving ritueel en stappenplan

10 opbergzakjes

Woorden t.b.v. de afronding van het ritueel

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colorful, Modern color, Nature organic fleece, Natuur, Nostalgia, Passion fruit, Serene