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Carefully and personally created farewell cloths

By José Glas, winner of the Funeral Award 2020


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Funeral Friday Workshop

Want to learn how to fold shrouds in a beautiful way? Then sign up for our workshop on “Funeral Friday”. We hold this workshop every fortnight in our showroom in Heiloo. For the dates and more information, click below.

Personalising mourning cloths

Funeral wraps made especially for you? You can? You can send us your preferred design and we will make sure that the mourning cloth is delivered as soon as possible.

We have a collection of mourning cloths and funeral accessories that form one characteristic whole.

From silk and organza to felt and wool.
From organza to felt.
From wool to linen.
And from polyester, viscose to cotton.

Designs and combinations that are innovative and appreciated by leading funeral directors. A creative, carefully composed collection that earned us the Funeral Award 2020.

Funeral Friday workshop

Learn how to fold shrouds in a beautiful way?


Then sign up for our “Funeral Friday” workshop. Every first Friday of the month, we hold this workshop in our showroom in Heiloo.

For all dates and more information, click on this button.

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A selection from our collection


Make the farewell soft and approachable.

Coffin skirts

Gives the bier or coffin a beautiful stage.


Make the farewell even more personal.


Provide softness and warmth.

Folding a mourning cloth

A mourning cloth or shroud can be folded in many different ways.

The most common way is shown here.

This ritual can be performed by two or more people.

Curious about more folding techniques? Join our workshop “Funeral Friday” to practice folding together.


C100 Bloesem

Van Gogh blossom

A beautiful classic canvas

A705_SPECIAL Two-tone_combi grijs - paisley


A double cloth with a rich design

A702_SPECIAL Two-tone_Combi off-white - paisley

Egyptian cotton

A lovely soft cloth of 100% cotton

About us


We are located at De Droogmakerij 20E in Heiloo. We have our own showroom filled with all our funeral textiles. Such as mourning cloths, coffin skirts, cushions and accessories.

On Fridays we give the workshop “Folding a shroud”. Register at to be sure of your place. Keep an eye on our social channels to see when the next workshop will be held.

Besides our “Funeral Friday’s”, there is always the possibility to make an appointment with us for free advice.


Personal service is one of the pillars in the philosophy of’s founder, José Glas.

José and her team strive for a customer experience in which service and personal contact prevail.

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